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摘要:内容介绍: 6个月前,我们提议阿曼达和阿里尔一起争取1.5万美元的奖金。只有阿里尔愿意参加。看到这一点,阿曼达收到了很多粉丝的留言,称她软弱懦弱。现在她决定向世人展示她和阿里尔



6 month ago we offered both Amanda and Ariel to fight for a 15.000 cash prize. Only Ariel was willing to participate. Seeing that then Amanda received a lot of fan messages calling her weak and cowardly. Now she decided to performance the world that she is as strong as Ariel. She is now ready to play the Cards of Pain! The rules are a little modified this time. The deal with Amanda is that she must do only four rounds, she may skip the hooter whipping round. In exchange she must distribute 120 strokes (unlike the normal 100) between four flesh parts (asshole, back, peach and soles/thighs). Each of the four punishments are modified by an (un)Iucky card drawn randomly by the player. Amanda wins the game if she completes all five rounds. If she gives up at any point, she goes dwelling empty handed. She was warned before the game that the cards might modify the body parts too – so her boob is not in 100% safe.




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